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Real Estate Law

Guiding All Your Residential & Commercial Property Needs

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Ensure compliant transactions, practices, and land use

Negotiate a financially sound and secure property

Enjoy professional representation

With property ownership comes great responsibility—and risk.

Not understanding real estate laws could lead to property, business, or family issues. But unless you know how to:

  • Navigate evolving laws and regulations

  • Examine and prepare documents like deeds and leases

  • Negotiate beneficial terms and real estate transactions


…it’s impossible to know what you could be missing. That’s why partnering with an experienced Massachusetts real estate attorney is crucial!

Protect your property and assets.

Parry Title Company Massachusetts Real Estate law

Whether you are a homeowner, developer, builder, investor, or property manager, we’ll advise you on important property laws. Our real estate lawyers know exactly what needs to be done to protect your property and drive successful developments, construction, and acquisitions. Ultimately, we help you:

  • Ensure fair deals and contracts

  • Make wise investments—and avoid bad ones

  • Save time and money

  • Adhere to zoning and land use laws


Experience prompt responses and a supportive approach from a legal team that always keeps your best interest front of mind.

Feel secure through the closing process with a personable title team today!

Real Estate Services

Zoning & Land Use

Before you start building and construction, you must ensure your plans follow your city or town’s land use ordinances. Parry & Parry will assist you with:

  • Development & Permitting: Obtaining necessary permits, zoning variances, licenses, and approvals and draft land control agreements (e.g., easements, restrictions, and conditions)

  • Subdivision Control Law: Determining if subdivision is permitted and feasible based on your property and zoning.

  • Board Representation and Negotiation: Represent you and negotiate on your behalf before your local boards to obtain permits and approvals.

Condos & Rental Properties

If you’re purchasing a multi-family property, you need to know your next legal and financial steps. As a rental property owner, your rights as a landlord and the rights of your tenants are important. We can advise you on:

  • Multi-Family Purchases: Identify the best avenues for protecting your rental property and ensuring its profitability.

  • Condominium Conversions: If a condo conversion best suits your property, we will guide you in the process.

Landlord/Tenant Matters: From legal evictions to navigating housing court, we’ll help you navigate these sensitive areas confidently.

Real Estate Transactions

We also handle and advise on commercial real estate transactions, including:

  • Settlement services for purchase and sales transactions

  • Escrow and closing services

  • Financing

  • Leasing

  • Development and construction


Are you looking for residential title and closing services? Learn more about our residential real estate services today, or simply give us a call!

Need real estate legal guidance?

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