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Title & Closing Services

Removing the Unknowns from Your Real Estate Transaction

Massachusetts title and closing services

Close on your property on time

Protect your ownership rights

Ensure accurate documents & filings

You’re ready to close on your new home. Now what?

There is a lot to know when it comes to buying or selling your home. 


If you’re ready to put an offer on a new home, you may be wondering:

  • “What is my responsibility?”

  • “How does the title and closing process work?”

  • “How do we even begin the legal process?”

  • “How can I protect my new home?”


Instead of causing you to worry, this should be an exciting time as you move on to a new chapter in your life!

Say goodbye to stress and hello to new beginnings.

New Hampshire title and closing services

Eliminate the nerves of homebuying with representation from licensed title representatives with 25+ years of experience! Our title and closing services are available to clients in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Florida for residential and commercial transactions and refinancing.


Whether you’re a buyer or seller, Parry Title Company will ensure the transfer of ownership runs smoothly by:

  • Conducting timely closings

  • Addressing your questions and concerns 

  • Giving you the freedom to enjoy and settle down in your new home 

Feel secure through the closing process with a personable title team today!

Who We Help


You can’t possibly be expected to know the history behind your new property. But hidden title defects could pose significant risks. 


That’s where we come in! Parry Title Company represents buyers with:

  • Title Search: Deep-dive title exam to ensure it is free of defects

  • Escrow Services: Streamlined escrow deposit and distribution management

  • Title Insurance: Protection of your ownership rights against title issues

  • Notary Services: Convenient notarization of closing documents

  • Document Preparation: Review, preparation, and filing of all closing documents


Enjoy a simplified closing experience and peace of mind with our title services.


As a seller, you have certain responsibilities to ensure your home is ready to sell. Having a skilled legal team by your side can make all the difference. Our office will look out for your best interests by avoiding delays and legal issues to ensure a seamless sale. 


Whether you are a first-time seller or an experienced investor, we are here to handle the legal intricacies, so you can focus on your next chapter. With our expertise, you can confidently make informed decisions regarding the sale of your home.


Sell your home efficiently and cost-effectively with seller representation.

Realtors & Mortgage Lenders

As a real estate agent or loan officer, you need a trusted legal team for a seamless closing process. When you partner with Parry Title Company, you and your clients will enjoy:

  • Consistent communication and attentive service

  • Efficiency to ensure the closing occurs on time

  • Accurate and compliant documentation


Have confidence that your clients will enjoy a smooth closing process with a reliable partner.

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